Integration Overview: Different ways to integrate your store with ReferralCandy

There are many ways to integrate ReferralCandy into your website and the type of integration you choose depends on your ecommerce platform and the level of customization you want.

You should only use 1 integration type and you should not mix and match the integration steps.

(List of known platforms that are currently not supported by ReferralCandy)

Email Integration does not require technical expertise while the Javascript Integration and API Integration do.
Integration TypeSteps Needed
Email Integration
(Most commonly used)
If your ecommerce platform is listed on our Setup page, there will be more specific instructions but for most platforms the 2 basic steps are:Find out more about Email Integration
Javascript Integration 
  • Insert a purchase and referral tracking code that will require additional customer variables to be exposed on the purchase completed page of your checkout process
    • The availability of these customer variables on your checkout varies from platform to platform
    • There's an option to enable post-purchase popup as part of this integration
Find out more about Javascript integration
API Integration
  • Use the Purchase method of our API to send us the transaction information once the purchase is completed
  • Insert a referral tracking codeon the purchase completed page that your customer sees once they have completed a purchase on your site.
Find out more about API integration 

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